Unlocking the Potential of CBPT (Competency-Based Psychometric Testing) and Accurate Candidate Evaluation BEFORE Making a job Offer

In this increasingly competitive job market, organizations are seeking efficient and accurate methods to identify top talent. With the surplus of free online interview prep available to candidates, smart hiring managers and business owners are now thinking more strategically about the evaluation of candidates and how best to ensure they avoid meeting with candidates that will not perform or fit the role requirements.  Thus, the exodus from traditional approaches like front end resume reviewing and long-list screening interviews, of which both simply waste hiring managers time, organizational money, and put more strain on existing human resources. A powerful, and more highly effective option that is revolutionizing hiring practices is the competency-based psychometric testing protocol. CBPT has matured over the last 7 years, and we have been working extensively with several test developers to enhance and refine, specifically, the selection aspects, of these AI infused platforms because we know from our clients that selection of candidates is one of the more costly/high risk talent initiatives they invest in over time. A review of the research indicates the future of Strategic Selection and Talent Optimization is CBPT, but, and this is critical, only if it is strategically implemented to client specific requirements and leveraged by experienced assessment consultants who can facilitate and support the process. In other words, a customized hybrid approach.

Collectively this process has provided a revolutionary solution that saves interviewing time, reduces hiring costs, frees up human resources that can be deployed towards other initiatives and most critically has increased the accuracy and effectiveness of selecting the best candidate from all that apply, every single time. It sounds to good to be true, and if organizations try to cut corners with these new processes, it will turn out to be too good to be true. By harnessing the power of multi-faceted CBTPs, we can now accurately highlight innate personality traits, untapped potential, cognitive styles, and distinguish between “BIG” talkers and actual high performers linked to specific job requirements. This new way of assessing and evaluating candidates has the potential to not only transform your organizational hiring process, but also to help you build a better and higher performing team and organization, all with lower costs and faster turn around times.

Unlike traditional assessment methods, which oftentimes lack specificity and rely on subjective judgments, CBPT focuses on evaluating candidates based on the specific competencies and skills required for a particular role. This targeted approach leverages the research of industrial psychologists, scientific methodologies, standardized assessment protocols, and the newly emerging insights offered by data-driven AI algorithms. When combined properly, CBPT provides a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of every  candidate measured. CBPT quickly measures more aspects of candidates than any resume or interview screening can, and it does so with greater accuracy and cost effectiveness. Moreover, by integrating standardized targeted competency maps, employers can link a candidates test results to specific competency requirements, providing detailed measures of a candidate’s ability/potential to perform effectively in a particular role.

Compared to resume reviews, CBPT offers numerous advantages. It eliminates subjective judgments and biases inherent in screening/interview processes. By employing standardized CBPT, each candidate is  evaluated against the same set of criteria, ensuring a fair and objective evaluation of their abilities and innate orientations towards working rather than on superficial factors such as education or job titles, both of which no longer hold as much credibility as in the past. Furthermore, CBPT allows for the identification of hidden talents and potential, as well as the revelation of dark traits that candidates may not want potential employers to know before a job offer is made.


Resumes and interviews often fail to capture crucial attributes necessary for success in a role. Oftentimes interviewers are blinded by charisma and buzz words and their own mental interview fatigue. In contrast, CBPT quickly delves deep into a candidate’s psychological makeup, uncovering strengths, weaknesses, areas for development, and areas of genuine concern. This comprehensive evaluation facilitates aligning candidates’ capabilities with job requirements, resulting in improved performance and job satisfaction on the candidates part and higher levels of performance organizationally.

Traditional interviews also have their limitations, often being influenced by biases and personal preferences. CBPT overcomes these challenges by providing an objective assessment of the candidate.  Instead of relying solely on interviews, this testing approach focuses on the candidates mental makeup,  innate behavioral orientations, cognitive abilities, and psychological traits. By seamlessly expanding the testing platform to measure all these dimensions, employers gain a holistic understanding of a candidate’s suitability for the role, or not.

Additionally, competency-based psychometric testing saves valuable time and resources. By utilizing these tests earlier in the hiring process, organizations can “prune” the number of interview rounds, scheduling conflicts, and coordination efforts present in current practices. The objective scores obtained from the tests enable effective shortlisting of candidates, leading to more focused and efficient interviews with the most suitable candidates.

Implementing CBPT successfully requires organizations to establish a clear framework and criteria for assessing candidates. This involves defining the key competencies required for the role and selecting appropriate psychometric tests that effectively measure those competencies. To ensure reliable, validated, and predictive assessments, it is crucial to partner with a reputable psychometric assessment consultancy. These consultants should offer a wide range of assessments, integrated with specific competency-based job profiles. Ideally, they should be experts in the field, trained in industrial-organizational psychology, and possess practical experience working with various assessment tools and platforms.

CBPT can revolutionize your hiring and development process by leveraging competency mapping, highlighting innate personality traits and cognitive styles, and distinguishing between big talkers and actual high performers. By embracing this approach, organizations can make better-informed decisions, identifying top talent that aligns with job requirements and ultimately driving organizational success.

However, it is important to exercise caution when selecting a consultant. Beware of those who offer a one-size-fits-all approach to talent assessment. While AI has certainly advanced the construction, administration, and result provision of tests, it is essential to work with consultants who possess a deep understanding of human personality, cognition, and capability as they relate to workplace performance. The ideal consultant should be capable of strategically leveraging the data from these new systems and applying them to a variety of talent initiatives and to do so in a more cost-effective manner than traditional assessment processes of the past. Think of it this way, when an expert is given new tools that streamline a typically tedious process, the automation does not negate the need for the expert, the automation (in this case AI) facilitates the expertise to be leveraged in a timely and cost-effective manner. By embracing this approach and working with the right consultants, organizations can unlock the potential of accurate candidate evaluation, leading to better talent acquisition and enhanced organizational outcomes.

Dr. Richard Kercz, Assessment Consultant + Behavioural Profiler


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