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Are you constantly missing key information about candidates and wish you knew more? 

Need to understand how candidates can execute and deliver for your organization?

Want to know what makes candidates tick, before you hire them?

​​​​​​​Can't afford to make another poor hiring decision?

Don't have enough budget to test several candidates instead of just one? 

We know your pain. We know many consultants will have you believe valid, predictive and standardized testing programs are costly - they're not!  Worse, others will want you to believe that you have to send candidates for a full day assessment with a trained professional.  Truth be told, the last part of the last sentence is true, mandatory, in fact. You do want a trained professional advising on all your talent decisions.  Trained professionals provide, depth of analysis,  perspective and context and insights that untrained or marginally trained individuals just don't have (sorry to all you one weekend one test certified assessors, but you're just not trained to understand the intricacies of personality and cognitive functionig as it relates to work). And, most hiring managers simply do not know how to really evaluate candidates objectively, comparatively and consistently.  This is where we provide value. 

The truth is, humans are complex, multi-faceted beings who have likely been coached to get through the interview and assessment procerss and it takes specialized knowledge, years of immersion in profiling,  and expertise in personality and behavioural profiling to make sense of a candidate's ability to perform in a role and to contribute to a team.

We've immersed ourselves in the art and science of assessment and over the last 28 years we've become known as the People Analytics + Personality Profiling Company  and we help businesses make the best informed decisions about people BEFORE they make any hiring or promotion decsions! 

We provide detailed insights about how candidates really function.  Information they would would prefer you didn't know, at least not until after they have the job, and at that point, it's too late.

We know hiring a new person is a risky venture at the best of times. Given the current economic uncertainty and the pressures people are feeling about securing work makes it even more high risk.

Candidates are now actively using coaches, chatrooms, resume writers, image and presentation coaches and the internet to find the best ways to impress potential hiring managers.

Our job is to circumvent all the smoke and mirrors candidates bring to the job interview. With over 25 years of dedicated assessment practice and more than 9400 senior level evaluations under our belt, we've seen and heard it all. We've curated best-in-class measures which provide objective evaluations and go beyond surface personality ideintification to understanding deeper levels of performance, motivation, values, and biometric repsonses to workplace stress, the newest performance separator in today's work setting. 

Our latest Talent Intellgience 4.0 platform allows you to gain deeper insights into the inner workings of the candidates you are consdering. You will understand not only what the "on and off switches" are but more importantly how to keep the person engaged, challenged, motivated and committed.

Becasue we have specialized solely in Talent Asessment + Development, we've been able to gain deeper insights into the most cost effective ways of uncovering innate traits and abilities.  Our range of customized workplace assessments, off-the-shelf competency-linked testing platforms, and specialized biofeedback performance profiling services will identify each candidates' potential to contribute to your business by cross-mapping their capabilities, performance style and motivations with fit to your position, the existing team, culture, and organizational structure.

With each assessment you will recieve a deep analysis, combined with a comprehensive verbal debrief and report detailing the canidate's core traits and how they are linked to performance via: competencies, behaviours, habits, motivations, values, resiliency, and the ability to perform under pressure and on demand. 

We support clients of all sizes with best in class testing, assessment and biometric profiling programs for:   

  • Selection/Hiring
  • Integration/On-Boarding
  • Team Building or Team Development 
  • Succession/Identifying High Potential 
  • Executive and Leadership Placement   
  • Development - Personal or Professional, or Role-Specific 
  • Personality Development
  • Coaching Readiness 
  • Stress Profiling 
  • Creativity + Innovation
  • Resiliency + Mental Toughness 
  • Psychophysiological Balance and Optimal Performance

Save Yourself from making another poor hiring or development decision by letting us assess your next candidate BEFORE you make any hiring or promotion decisions.  Our focus is all about assessing candidates to help you make better informed people decisions, period. 

​​​​​​​It's what we've been doing since 1993! ​​

Dr. Richard Kercz, Executive Profiler + Assessment Advisor

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