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Professional Leadership Assessment + Development Advisors

We are an organizational psychology consultancy with deep expertise in Personality Assessment,   Behavioural Profiling, and Self-Regulation Coaching

we transform organizational performance, culture and engagement one person at a time!

As assessment experts dedicated to the art and science of people analytics, we know the power of a good assessment and we know that if the assessor has the proper level of training and expertise then the ability to provide a deep analyis of candidate potenetial will go beyond simply the traits that are measured to how those traits interact to inform how the individual will perform. 

Our 28 plus years of front line assessment experience has given us the confidence to not only provide detailed analysis but also targeted and specific recommendations.


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Assess Your Talent Properly and Professionally and You Will Forever Change the Way your Organization Performs and Engages People.

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DR. JP Gedeon

Transformation Advisor

DR. Richard Kercz

Behavioural Profiler

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Romi Malik

Executive Psychtherapist

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Dr. LAura Cesaroni

Psychotherapist + Self-Reg Coach 

Everyone on the kercz international team is considered an assessment geek in their own right. From pure psychometrics and bio bheavioural profiling, to transformational leadership, to executive psychotherapy to Leadership self-regulation, we all love the power of a good assessment as setting the base for deeper work and performance. . 

Our Expert Advisory Team

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