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 The Hiring Assessment

New hires are the most risky people investment any organization can engage in, especially given all the tools, coaching and prepration that candidates use and do before an interview.

We've helped clients select only the best of the candidates that make it to the finalist screening process.

When you are looking to bring in a new person it is critical to ensure they can do the job. More importantly it is essential to have clarity and objectivity as to how the candidate will not only perform day-in day-out but also the impact they will and can have on the existing team both postively and negatively. This is understanding fit, and to do so, you need insights on your existing team which need to be overlaid with any new potential hires. 

All of our assessments services whether they are off the shelf or completely customized competency based programs will provide you with the sort of information candidates don't want you to know about them, until after you've made the job offer, at which point it is too late. 

Become a strategic user of professional assessment services and experience both the increased confidence and the reduced level of stress that comes with ​​the proper approach to candidate assessment. ​​

Development is one of the most critical activities an organization can do for an employee, yet so many organizations fail to do it right.

A great development assessment will provide the employee with targeted and specific feedback against a set of performance competencies.

The results of the assessment will allow the employee to think forward 12-24 months and to have a detailed and strategic plan about how to get from their current state to their future desired state,  

 The Development Assessment

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 The Career Assessment

When are you going to start doing what you really want to be doing? Yes we asked you straight up. The truth is you know the answer you just need some support to say it out loud and to make it a reality. 

Let one of our career coaches challenge you to become an even better version of yourself by helping you to persue your greatest aspirations and goals.

Email us for a no obligation conversation to determine how we can best serve your needs and interests. If we can't help you we're sure we can direct you to the right people who can. 

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Professional ​​​​​​​Assessment Services

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 Make​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​The Right Talent Decisions

Every client wants to increase their comfort in making the right decisions about the talent they bring into their organization.

Our testing centre provides criterion based validitation to ensure that you make decisions about candidates based on their ability to perform and contribute to the organization and bottom line. 

All of our tests, when used as instructed, and debriefed by a professional assessment advisor are legally defensible, providing addtional support and relieving tensions around making the proper decision about people.